Snow Queen

Invite our Snow Queen and Let it Go at your Party this year! She can't wait to make some icy magic with you and all of your friends. (Available in 2 different outfits)

Snow Princess

Invite our Snow Princess to your Party, She's so excited to eat chocolate and build snowmen with you, she might even bring along her best snowman friend! (Available in 3 different outfits)

Mermaid Princess

Invite our Mermaid Princess to your next party, she can't wait to try out her new human legs and learn lots of new things.

Rose Princess

Invite our Beauty Princess to your party for a tale as old as time,She loves telling stories to her friends and having a tea party with her best teacup friend.

Tinker Fairy

Invite our Tinker fairy to your party and have a flitterrific day! Our Tinker Fairy loves making things and especially likes our Glitter Tattoos.

Dream Princess

Invite our Sleeping Princess to your party today She can't wait to twirl into your party this year, but make sure she doesn't fall asleep!

Slipper Princess

Invite this classic princess to your party, she loves making clothes with her mice friends and making magic with her fairy godmother, quick! before the clock strikes midnight!

Photo Coming Soon 

Wonderland Girl

Invite our Wonderland girl to your tea party and be mad as a hatter! She is curious to know your favorite kind of tea but don't be late down the rabbit hole!

Tower Princess

Invite our tower princess for the best day ever! Let your hair down with this fun princess who loves to explore the world she's discovering.

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